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    International Yoga Festival 2011

    Glimpses from the divine International Yoga Festival week.

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    28 February, 2014 – IYF Opens with Shivratri Puja and Prayers

    Participants arrive for the 15th annual, world-famous International Yoga Festival.

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    1 March, 2014 – Day 1: Tourism Minister Inaugurates the IYF 2014

    The first day of the 15th International Yoga Festival started with more than 50 yogacharyas, presenters and experts from more than 15 countries around the world.

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    2 March, 2014 – Day 2: Home Minister of India comes to IYF 2014

    Pujya Swamiji emphasized that the International Yoga Festival, with its blossoming success and expansion year by year, is a wonderful way to show that the holy land of Uttarakhand is both safe and sacred.

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    3 March, 2014 – Day 3 of IYF

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    4 March, 2014 – Day 4 of IYF

    Classes continued in hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga and more, along with meditation and spiritual discourses.

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    5 March, 2014 – Day 5 of IYF

    Intensive yoga classes followed by enlightening discourses from great spiritual leaders.

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    6-7 March, 2014 – Day 6&7 of IYF

    Yogis and presenters from over 50 nations, including Kenya, Ukraine, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Japan and Thailand colourfully celebrated the concluding ceremonies of the world-renowned International Yoga Festival at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh.

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    8 March, 2014 – IYF Participants Celebrate International Women’s Day

    As a symbol of their love following IYF, participants celebrated the special occasion of International Women’s Day by honouring Mother Ganga for the inspiration and rejuvenation she had provided them with during the course of their stay.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Beware of scams! The name of our event is “International Yoga Festival”, our registrations are strictly online through the link found on this website, our location is “Parmarth Niketan” and NOT a hotel, and our official correspondence is always only via info@internationalyogafestival.com.